About SD-WAN

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) is a network solution focusing on business and applications by leveraging the integration of mature software modules and traditional network resources, developing network hardware resources to a greater extent through software to improve platform efficiency, optimize performance, reduce costs and improve customer experience. SD-WAN is a network solution with the ability to optimize the business and application layers in network area. In the future, with the improvement of software capabilities, SD-WAN will play a role of network middle platform as a connecting link. It will play a huge role in the era of industrial internet, IoT and 5G/ 6G!
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iGLOBAL = MPLS or cloud private link + WAN optimization + SD-WAN

Global layer 2 backbone network

POPs built in Tier 3+ physical datacenters

Last mile leveraging IPSec VPN or private link to connect to the closest POP

Built in WAN optimization technologies such as compression, deduplication, multi-segment TCP optimization etc.


iREAL=Dynamic acceleration for mobile users to access internal applications

Global L2 backbone network

POPs built in Tier 3+ physical datacenters

Last mile leveraging IPSec VPN to connect to the closest POP

Built-in multi-segment TCP optimization technology


iCONNECT=Centralized control and link optimization of multi branches for enterprise intranet

Enterprise existing wide area network resources or backbone network

Business and Application Streamlining

SLA based load balancing

Application optimization such as forward error correction, DPI application identification and multi-link integration etc.


iMIGRATE=SD-WAN + automatic migration software

Stable and reliable multi-link SD-WAN network

Ensure zero data loss and that business transmission is not interrupted

Break the barriers of different clouds and help speed up cloud migration

Improve overall transmission efficiency and ensure data security during transmission

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